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Svensson FLS Reflective Screens

Research is great, but how do you make it really work for you? That’s the question Svensson brought us when NCSU studies showed their FLS reflective screens block 30% more heat than traditional black shade cloth.
To get the word out, we designed an integrated strategy incorporating advertising, digital media, public relations, direct mail, collateral and media relations.
We placed and wrote articles in key publications like Greenhouse Grower and Today’s Garden Center. This included full writing services, from interviews to research and fact gathering to image selection to actual writing and revisions of the pieces.
A direct mail postcard was designed to grab the attention of and quickly make the point to key PANTS attendees.
E-blasts were designed and targeted by operation size and location to reach key grower and retailer customers.
Integrated digital and print advertising conveyed the message effectively across multiple channels and audiences.
A high impact printed trifold brochure enabled Svensson to quickly get their crucial message into the right hands, in a convenient, portable takeaway form ideal for trade shows and meetings.
To ensure captive audiences to share critical points during the busy OFA Short Course, we arranged personal tours for key trade editors to the Svensson booth. Each received media packets with information summaries and contact information, and Svensson personnel had the opportunity to emphasize the research’s importance. This netted a wealth of product mentions, features and research highlights in both print and digital editions.
As the ongoing campaign continues and evolves, sales continue to increase and interest rises in this key product.