Our Services

See the difference in Pen & Petal’s incredible range of services, including brand and identity development, strategic marketing planning, collateral development and execution, web site development and electronic marketing, event coordination and planning, media and public relations and more.


Public Relations

Let us show you what word of mouth can really do with a targeted mix of non-traditional strategies. Creativity and communications reign in the PR world, and we know what it takes to put your name at the top of the industry’s most powerful minds.

Media Relations

We maintain relationships with the industry’s most important media to keep you visible and build your reputation and awareness.

Media Planning & Buying

More than playing the numbers game, effective media buying, ad development and scheduling takes intimate knowledge of the market, the audience and especially your products. Our in-depth horticulture background gives us the edge you need to maximize your impact.


Beyond a simple graphic, a brand represents all your company is and wants to be. We’ll help you make sure it powerfully positions you.

Collateral Production

Brochures, direct mail, trade show graphics, catalogs or any printed material to drive up traffic and draw in sales—we’ll deliver to-the-point communications designed to sell.

Strategy & Planning

Incisive marketing takes knowing your industry and your business—and that’s what sets us apart. We’ll partner with you to develop tools and tactics that work in the real world, not just on paper.

Print & Electronic Advertising

Whether you’re talking classic media or the newest e-marketing tools, we’ll maximize your dollars and your exposure to take your products and your business to the next level.

Event Management

Powerful integrated marketing programs make the most of special events and trade shows, and we’ve helped hundreds of companies take advantage of the unique exposure they offer. From total planning services to booth and collateral development, we’ll deliver.

Web Sites & Electronic Marketing

Savvy electronic marketing efforts go far beyond simply translating print to digital, optimizing these media’s benefits for singularly effective communications. From web site development to e-blast design to social media setup and maintenance, we’ll help you leverage digital’s timeliness and versatility for your products’ success.

POP Materials

Get noticed with powerful messages that sell! We’ll help you design point-of-sale materials that make people stop and take notice.

Multilingual Services

The horticulture industry knows no borders, and neither do we. We’ll help you tailor your message across countries, oceans and continents in multiple languages to suit multiple cultures and geographies.

Photography Services

Give the industry a true picture of your business with our high-end professional photography services, location sourcing, on-site project management, styling and more.