What clients are saying about us…

“My job for my clients is to get their product, their technology, exposed and commercially viable. The market awareness and demand creation is very much tied to why I bring Pen & Petal to the table. Any of my clients can benefit from their expertise. I have a high degree of confidence that whoever I refer to Pen & Petal will be happy. The industry knowledge, experience, professionalism and deliverable quality are second to none. They deliver the right stuff at the right time to the right place.”
Mark Russell
President/Owner, Technology Development Network LLC
“The thing about trying to do all your marketing yourself is that it’s one of many jobs. Pen & Petal takes it off my hands and gets it done right – good creative, consistent branding, very responsive and always professional. Recently, we wanted to upgrade the look and feel of the company to be more uniform, have more consistent branding and ensure the most professional presentation of our company. Pen & Petal works very well with me to create a more concise look for us.”
Peter Bierma
President, Sym-Agro
“Pen & Petal stands out from other agencies because, unlike a lot of the others, they KNOW this industry and all of the players. They’re very easy to work with, and always respond to a question or an opportunity for one of their clients in a timely manner. And they don’t just push any old product release news to us—they pitch real ideas for topics that we find valuable to our readership, while also helping their clients spread their message.”
Jen Zurko
Managing Editor, GrowerTalks Magazine
“Pen & Petal’s team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our specific goals, making them a valuable partner for Emerald Coast Growers. Pen & Petal understands our industry. They are always professional and provide top quality work. Reliable…they help us keep on schedule and on task with our marketing strategies.”
Paul Babikow
Owner/President, Emerald Coast Growers
“I continue to recommend your organization to my coaching/consulting clients. Keep up the good work. The industry really needs your talent.”
Roger Heins
President, RG Heins & Associates
 “Working with Pen & Petal felt right from the beginning because they have the credibility in the industry and the ability to think differently about how to market in a space that could easily be stagnant. Using someone who doesn’t know the market is just a stab in the dark. Pen & Petal knows this market like no one else. If you don’t know the market, you have to make assumptions. Knowing the market is absolutely vital in this industry – and Pen & Petal gives us this absolutely essential benefit. Pen & Petal gets it done on time and on budget. I can give them any challenge, and I know they have a broad range of sources to pull from for anything I need. We could hire an on-staff marketer, but no one could do it better than Pen & Petal.”
Trent Whatcott
Marketing Director, RainSoil
 “Pen & Petal makes it easy on me. I’ve been lost in the shuffle with larger agencies; Pen & Petal can be more flexible in the way they handle business, and I have the comfort of knowing I’ll get quick turnaround from a personable team. The fact that Pen & Petal knows the players in the market, from our partners to our competitors, is important. Pen & Petal knows what the market looks like, and the benefit is so great for us. Pen & Petal is so important for keeping us on track and making sure we hit targeted dates. That’s a key part of why we work with them.”
Sarah Moothart
Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Fine Americas, Inc.
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